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DJ Jason Dupuy

DJ Jason's Profile - Click here

In our top 10 DJ Profiles - DJ Jason Dupuy is Platinum DJs number 1 DJJason has been the DJ at celebrity weddings, clubs worldwide, national radio, television and prestigious corporate events. Jason has already built up valuable DJ experience by playing at well over 1000 events. He still is keen to learn and constantly strives to improve his performance. DJ Jason Dupuy is friendly, approachable and is always willing and enthusiastic to play the required to get the dance floor packed. He performs at a huge variety of events from an 80th birthday party to a trendy nightclub or a classy wedding. Jason gets enjoyment from watching people thoroughly enjoying themselves and dancing to the music he plays. There is no better feeling for him.

Jason started his DJ career in Sydney, Australia, playing at many venues including Sydney Harbour. On his return to London he continued playing at clubs, weddings,corporate events and private functions; working for many well known agents, playing at top venues across the U.K. and overseas.

Today Jason is a well established club DJ and member of the Musician’s Union with such a variety of music experience from working in so many well known clubs (listed below) with different music policies from House, Trance, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, RnB and Hip Hop, Funky House and Electro, to Commercial Pop and Chart. Jason is armed with the right music for any event and has the valuable experience to back it up. He carries an extremely versatile playlist consisting of over 50,000 tracks and can play the appropriate music to keep the dance floor energetic all night; catering for any music taste be it a club or a private event, entertaining all the age groups in attendance. Most importantly of all he has the natural gift to create a fantastic atmosphere.

Jason has over 200 reviews from previous customers. Click here to read more about DJ Jason Dupuy on the desktop version of our website or visit

DJ Wayne Smooth

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DJ Wayne has been in the music industry for more than 20 years. Wayne’s speciality in music is RnB, Hip Hop, Club Classics, Reggae and Popular music. Wayne has been a collector of records since he was 5 years old. Wayne’s experience also includes having prime time radio shows on various local community radio Stations in London. Wayne plays to a diverse crowd, whether it’s a Corporate Event, Christmas Party Wedding, Birthday Party of a night Club. He was a resident Club DJ for 7 years and guest DJ at several other clubs. He played music ranging form the 60’s to up to date.

Wayne also has experience in hosting charity concerts. He introduced Jazz artists like Sheryl Martins, Rappers like Sharna Sloozie and comedy acts like Jo Brand to the stage. He has worked in a few of key specialist record shops in West End. Wayne also worked in wholesale record distribution (before digital music download), distributing records all across London. Wayne has 144 reviews from previous customers. Click here to read more about DJ Wayne Smooth on the desktop version of our website.

DJ Michael Davis – RIP
DJ Michael Davis sadly passed away in January 2016

Top 10 Party and Wedding DJ Michael Davis performs for Platinum DJs

DJ Michael Davis also known as DJ Bee has been in the industry for over 15 years. He plays various types of music from old classics to up to date music and charts. Michael performs to entertain the crowd. The motivation for Michael’s DJ career is the enjoyment he gets of the crowd. He caters for all types of parties from Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Christenings and Christmas Parties.

Michael is very experienced at playing at mobile discos but he also has experience in performing at corporate events including an event for Boxer – Nigel Benn and the G.M.T.V. Christmas Party. Michael has performed in many five star venues and nightclubs including The Hurlingham Club and Bagleys. He also spent six months of the summer in Corfu – Greece, where he was resident DJ at the largest nightclub on the Island – Limelight. While working in Corfu, he worked with a number of celebrity DJs/MCs including Lisa Lashes, Dream Team, Ratpack, DJ Luck and MC Neat. Michael has 81 reviews from previous customers.

DJ Lawrence 

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One of Top 10 DJs Lawrence Anthony for DJ Hire Kent, DJ Hire London and the UK.

Lawrence has worked with celebrity DJs such as Paul Oakenfold (Radio 1),Judge Jules (Radio 1), Tall Paul (Turnmills), DJ Luck & MC Neat, Brandon Block (Kiss FM), Alex P, Paul Anderson (Kiss FM), Roy the Roach and Lisa Pin-Up (Euphoria).

Lawrence owns a varied music collection of all the dance floor favourites from the 60’s to the 90’s, RnB, Hip Hop and current chart. Together with an extensive dance collection and his experience, he is the perfect DJ for all age groups and events. He is very accomplished on the mic and also has the ability to mix up a tasty set of House, Garage, Electro, Funky House and Club Classics if a bit more upbeat music is required.  Lawrence is the perfect DJ for any event. He can play a Club orientated mix at some point in the evening but also a mix of more commercial and traditional music. Lawrence has 45 reviews  from previous customers. Click here to read more about DJ Lawrence on our desktop version of the website.

DJ Murdoch

DJ Murdoch's Profile - Click here

DJ Hire in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex with Platinum's DJ Murdoch Wilson

DJ Murdoch owns an extensive collection of music. His collection ranges from house, garage to RnB and from the 60’s through to the current day. Murdoch played at all types functions including weddings and birthday parties. He has played at about fifty corporate events in Central London. He welcomes a playlist of your favourite tracks prior to any event to keep the dance floor busy and make sure the night is special.

Included in notable Events are The British Olympic Promotional Event on Hyde Park with Olympic Gold Medalists Haile Gebrselassie and Duncan Goodhew.  This which was broadcasted on The B.B.C.’s 6 O’clock News. DJ Murdoch has also performed for the editor of The Daily Telegraph. Murdoch has 24 reviews from previous customers. Click here to read more about DJ Murdoch on the desktop version of our website.

DJ Profiles – DJ Mark

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DJ Mark Rogers Party DJ for Platinum DJs and Discos.DJ Mark performs at medium to large Weddings, Birthday Parties and Corporate Events in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex. He  has experience as a Club DJ having played at the Tattershall Castle, Embankment, London and Sound, Leicester Square in London. He has a wide range of music to cater for all music genres and is happy to play from a playlist. Mark is very friendly, professional, courteous and reliable. He will use his experience to keep the dance floor busy throughout the night. Mark has 13 reviews from previous customers. Click here to read more about DJ Mark on the desktop version of our website.




DJ Robi Roka

DJ Robi Roka's profile - Click here

Also in our DJ profiles - DJ Robi Roka who is a Club DJ, Corporate Event DJ and Party DJ

Robi is Originally from South London in the UK. DJ Robi Roka was exposed to urban culture and dance music from a very young age. He started as a Jungle/Garage MC on various Pirate radio stations such as Flashback FM and Taste FM in London. Robi worked under the name of MC Rimes. While working on the radio Robi found a passion for DJing. He quickly learned to mix the good ol’ way on a pair of technics 1210s and went to perform at various nightclubs in London.

DJ Robi Roka is a versatile DJ and producer. Robi has 5 years experience of working in top bars and clubs around Asia. He plays a variety of music genres including House, Hip Hop, Funk and Drum and Bass. Robi has created his own brands. Love2funk and Urban Asia supporting the likes of Andy C, DJ Hype, DJ Rasp (UK DMC Champion), Sammy Bananas (food gold), Matrix, Digital. In 18 Club Taipei he played Funky House, EDM and Top 40 to a high level of clientele. He also ran a monthly event called love2funk. Click here to read more about DJ Robi Roka on the desktop version of our website.



DJ Dave Goodings

Book Capital FM DJ Dave Goodings for your Party or Wedding

Dave Goodings was signed by Kiss FM UK in 2012. At the age of 19 he was given his own show. Since January 2016, Dave started working for Capital FM. Alongside working for the Radio, he often DJ’s for a variety of events from birthdays, weddings and Corporate Events.

Dave carries the party classics from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to the latest chart tunes and often takes requests on the night. His main focus is to get as many people as possible on the dance floor having a great time. On top of his work Dave is always busy with new creative ideas for radio, TV and on the internet. Click here to read more about DJ Dave Goodings on the desktop version of our website.

DJ Anatolij

DJ Profile for Professional Club DJ Anatolij who performs for Platinum DJs.

Anatolij is a Presentable, Professional and experienced DJ based in Surrey, England.

DJ Anatolij’s interest in music began in his early years growing up in the Ukraine, with his main inspirations being ATB and Tiesto. As time went on and his passion for music evolved he became deeply inspired by house music including Electro House, Techno House and Deep House. At the outset listening and working with music was purely a hobby. However, by 2006 with the encouragement of Anatolij’s parents and an increasing interest in the music business, it was no longer a sideline it became his main focus.


DJ Matt

Book Club DJ, Party DJ and Corporate event DJ Matt for your Event or Party.

Matt is a club DJ who has cut his teeth on the London club scene. Matt has held residencies at Oceanas in Watford (capacity 2700) and Club Ten in St Paul’s, London (Capacity 250). An accomplished club DJ, Matt can mix any style of music with proficiency and has good experience reading the dancefloor.

Matt was also composer for Lady Gaga on 2 of her DVDs, “One Sequin at a Time” and “Undressed.” These were broadcast on UK and American television, and he is credited on IMDB. Matt also worked in L.A. for a while as an Interim at Mike Post and was involved with the production of “Law and Order”, “The Rockford Files”, “Magnum” whilst working at Studio 9.




DJ- Profiles – DJ Robbie P

DJ Robbie's Profile - Click here

Platinum DJs performs for platinum DJs. Robbie’s passion for music started at the tender age of just 17. Visiting nearly all main night clubs in London, he would concentrate on soaking up vibes, seeing around venues & most importantly the atmosphere, knowing one day he would need this knowledge for his own virtue. After attending many great events in the UK and around the world, Robbie decided to put hiss burning desire into practise and start DJing himself. Many years gone, Robbie has studied at Point Blank Music School and completed a diploma in Music Production and Technology where he has learnt valuable skills to strengthen his craft.

Robbie is an all round lover of music, the rest can be denoted by listening and experiencing what he brings to the dance floor for yourself.

So far Robbie has played at numerous Birthday Parties as well as Corporate events. He is an avid DJ and his ability to read a crowd enables him to spin all genres of music to suit for any occasion and any age group. He specialises in Electronic Music. This includes House, Tech House and other sub genres.

Both his DJ sets and own productions have a coherent energy, an infectious groove being the key component causing the crowd to remain captivated. Something he has picked up from many sunrises caught in ibiza and early morning hours of London nights. His ability to mix eclectically is from many years of DJing out and about alongside Pro tuition at London’s famous Point Blank music school.

DJ Profiles – DJ Ray Grooves

Book Club DJ Ray for your Party. DJ Ray Grooves – Pro DJ since 2002 who DJs in many of the top clubs in London alongside the likes of Calvin Harris, Faithless, Moby, Katy B, Duke Dumont and MK.

London Based DJ Ray Grooves is an experienced Mobile, Wedding, Private Function and quality Club DJ. He has full experience with various Events, Birthday Parties, Bars, Clubs, Boat Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events and has been a resident DJ in various Clubs and Bars in Kent.

DJ Ray Grooves is good on the microphone and can access to any type of music required for your event. Ray Grooves has his own Radio Station called Spincity, supported by Club Aquariam. From the Studio or Venue he does audio/video precorded and live broadcasts.

Ray Grooves is a motivated, confident and reliable DJ who can work professionally on his own as well as part of a team. Ray has all the classics in music, but is also always up to date with the latest music. He makes sure he will read the crowd to keep the dance floor busy and is more than welcome to play any request.



DJ Profiles – DJ Terry

DJ Terry's Profile - Click here

Performing for Platinum DJs with DJ Terry in London. Terry has DJ’ed alongside DJ Justin Wilkes(Kisstory), Pide Piper, Artful Dodger, Luck and Neat, Neev (Kisstory) to mention a few. His specialised genre is Oldskool and all genres that go with that title.

DJ Terry is a well presented, very approachable person and good with a crowd. He has DJ’ed at Weddings, Birthday Parties, Proms, BBQ’s, Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Pool Parties, Corporate Functions, Film Closing Parties, Engagement Parties, general get togethers and Boat Parties.

Terry has DJ’ed alongside DJ Justin Wilkes(Kisstory), Pide Piper, Artful Dodger, Luck and Neat, Neev (Kisstory) to mention a few. His specialised genre is Oldskool and all genres that go with that title.

DJ Terry is a well presented, very approachable person and good with a crowd. He has DJ’ed at Weddings, Birthday Parties, Proms, BBQ’s, Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Pool Parties, Corporate Functions, Film Closing Parties, Engagement Parties, general get togethers and Boat Parties.


DJ Profiles – DJ Tayfun

DJ Tayfun's Profile - Click here

Professional and very experienced DJ Tayfun.

Since starting his college course in Performing Arts, DJ Tayfun has been producing music. Tayfun took the Sub Bass DJ course which is a well established DJ school, run by well known DJs and producers in London. His passion for dance music was developed here. His musical influences are Peter Gelderblom, Chicane, Pendulum, High Contrast, Ferry Corsten and Faithless.

Tayfun’s musical styles are of a wide range such as 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Club Classics, Chart and R’n’B. DJ Tayfun specialises in playing Electro, Funky House, Breakbeat, Old Skool and Drum & Bass. He has played at various family events ranging from weddings to 60th Birthdays. Tayfun has also performed at many black tie corporate Events.

Tayfun is working hard in producing new tracks. Some of his tracks have had a positive reaction across dance floors in numerous clubs. His producing, mixing live sound, recording, mastering, graphic design and film editing cover his technical abilities for any performance.

DJ Profiles – DJ Akin

DJ Akin is an African Club and Wedding DJ in London. Akin’s passion for music saw him progress from compiling mix tapes for himself and friends to his first professional gig at the legendary Turnmills Nightclub in 1997 where he warmed up for Trevor Nelson.

His ability to smoothly blend party classics and new tracks from different genres into a dance floor pleasing mix has led to many private and corporate bookings, residencies and guest spots (alongside the likes of So Solid, Oxide and Neutrino, DJ Woody (Choice FM)and Ollie Twist (BBC Radio 1Xtra).

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DJ Profiles – DJ Wil

DJ Wil's Profile - Click here

Platinum DJs adds DJ WIl Johnson to their DJ rosterDJ Wil is a professional DJ and English actor, who has had notable television roles in Walking the Dead and Babyfather, and on stage in Othello. He played Dom Andrews in Emmerdale from 2012 to 2014.

Wil has acted in Hollyoaks, Hetty Feathers, Waking The Dead, Holby City, Waterloo Road, Clocking Off, BabyFather, Cracker, Casualty and currently be seen in Outlander. 

 DJ Wil is a Club, Corporate Event, Wedding, Party and Festival DJ. He has played alongside DJ EZ Kiss FM, DJ Justin Wilkes Kiss FM, Colin StarRocker and Chris Interface Kool FM, DJ Luck & MC Neat, The Artful Dodger, Danny Rampling and Mastermind Roadshow. Wil has been DJ’ing for Guess Radio, UK Swagger Radio and Confetti Digital. His specialisms in music are House, Dance, Garage, RnB, Hip Hop, Reggae, Commercial Chart and Soulful Music but has a lot of experience in playing every music genre.


DJ Profiles – Mr Mojo

London and Kent party and event DJ mister Mojo.Mr Mojo's profile - Click here

Mr Mojo is a performer based in Kent, an energetic DJ with a passion for music. His favourite DJ’ing style is a mix of R’n’B, Hiphop and Dance. But he is happy to play any type of music suited to your Party or Event. He is also an MC who infuses this to his sets to bring extra hype and energy to your Party.
Mr Mojo has DJ’d for many different events and he has gained experience in catering for special occasions like Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Events.





DJ Profiles – DJ David

DJ David's profile - Click here

London and Kent DJ David performs for Platinum DJs.

DJ David is a professional DJ, Producer and remixer based in the South East of England.  He DJ’s and manages private events across the country and Europe. Currently DJ David holds residencies at Pitcher & Piano in Brighton and Tunbridge Wells, as well as private events at awesome venues across Central London. London Aquarium, London Dungeons, Palm Beach Casino are a few of the well known venues David performs at.

David is a Professional, reliable and friendly DJ with over 15 years experience playing to crowds of all ages and backgrounds.





DJ Profiles – DJ Paolo

DJ Paolo's profile - Click here

Platinum DJs works with experienced DJ Paolo.

DJ Paolo is an Italian DJ, Music Director for Savvy Theatre Company, Music Producer, Heff Festival Teen Tent Organiser & DJ.

He began his DJ and producing career in Italy in his early teenage years. When he moved to London in the late nineties he has been performing at great clubs like Ministry of Sound, Alexandrea Palace, The Fridge, SE1 & Camden Palace alongside leading industry names like Tiësto, Carl Cox, John 00 Fleming, Mauro Picot and many other top DJs from around the world.




The DJ Profiles – DJ Micky C

DJ Micky C's profile - Click here

Club, Wedding, party and Corporate Event DJ Mickey from London.DJ Micky C is a passionate, lively, entertaining DJ who started DJ’ing at the age of 12 playing at school Discos. His love for music began from his childhood making music with his family on Sunday afternoons. Some of DJ Micky C’s musical influences were Paul Trouble Anderson and Norman Jay to name just a few.





DJ Wayne R – DJ Profiles

DJ Wayne R's profile - Click here

Platinum DJs works with experienced DJ Wayne R from Kent.DJ Wayne R started his career back in 1995 in Hastings using his trusty vinyl on Technic 1200’s at the Session Rooms. This is where he held a residency for two years before moving down to play at Ye Olde Pump House public house in Hastings. He also played at Old Town as well as JR’s and Saturdays Nightclubs (where former top 10 DJ’s John Digweed and Danny Howells started their careers) playing warm up sets for Boy George, Nigel Benn, Graham Gold.

After this he did the usual rounds like many DJ’s do in their early careers. He worked doing Weddings, Birthdays and celebratory parties. and knew now that his skill and knowledge were very versatile.


DJ Profiles – DJ Liam

DJ Liam's profile - Click here

Dj Liam is a Party, Club and Corporate Event DJ for Platinum DJs in Kent. Liam has been DJ ing for over 10 years now and has been one of Platinum’s DJs for years. Although he is a perfect choice for 18th and 21st Birthday Parties with his taste for R’n’B, Hip Hop, Garage, Dance and Chart; DJ Liam always plays to the crowd and keeps all age groups involved taking guests requests and incorporating them into his set at the most appropriate time for the dance floor.

Already, Liam has laid a good foundation for himself in London’s Commercial Clubland. He worked as resident DJ on the Tattershall Castle. With guest appearances at Smollensky’s on the Strand and Queen Mary’s on the Embankment.



DJ Keshia

DJ Keshia is a female DJ performing for Platinum DJs.DJ Keshia is a Party, Wedding, Corporate Event and Christmas Party DJ

After attaining a bachelors degree from Brunel University Keshia decided she needed more. She pursued her love for music by studying popular music and perfecting her mixing techniques. Inspired by the likes of Trevor Nelson, Frisky DJ and Jenny Francis, Keshia G has carved out a niche as one of London’s best party starters.