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The Professional DJ – What do you get for your money?

When you throw a party there is normally a fair amount of time and money involved in planning. If  your entertainment is disappointing the whole event is ruined, no matter how good the other services are. So it is vital that your DJ reads the crowd, builds a fantastic atmosphere and keeps your guests on the dance floor for as long as possible.

To do this they will need:

The Professional DJ has a huge variety of music in his collection. 1. A huge music collection to appeal to all age groups. This takes thousands of hours and money to collect. Over the years the Professional DJ collects 10’s of thousands of tracks, all bought to expand his music collection so he can serve all customers as well as possible. The Professional is prepared, makes sure to have all your favourite tracks, discusses your wishes and makes it happen on the night.

2. Plenty of experience to make sure you enjoy the night to the max. With lots of people of various ages attending your party it’s not the easiest job to keep everyone happy. Reading the crowd and dropping the right tunes at the right time to make the crowd go crazy takes a lot of experience.  Good experience amounts over thousands of hours performing at a variety of Parties, Events and Clubs.  This all takes time and as we say; time is money.


Equipment, that’s the next interesting point. A Professional DJ doesn’t want to work with cheap, distorting sound systems and awful looking lighting. He loves his music and wants it to sound and look as good as possible. Buying a quality sound system and maintaining it costs far more than the cheaper versions, but the results are well worth it. If you played the two systems next to each other it would make you laugh.

Yet another point where the professional divides from the cheap DJ. Every time the pro performs he wants it to sound great, look amazing and have people dancing to his tunes all night.

“Park a mile from the venue, come in through the backdoor, take the first door left, up 4 stairs, first door right to the end of the corridor and you will find the room.”

Setting up

People often say to us; We only want the DJ to play for 4 hours, but there’s lots more involved in being a mobile DJ than you would initially think. Many hours before the party starts the mobile DJ has already arrived to set up his equipment. What many people don’t realise is that even nowadays many venues don’t have lifts. The DJ has to climb many stairs up and down with heavy speakers, lighting, flight cases and boxes of wires.

Hotels don’t let you load and unload through the main entrance and quite often lead you through a maze of backdoors to reach the right room to perform in. After setting up and playing his 4 hour set, the moving equipment process has to be repeated and by the time everyone’s in bed, the DJ is still packing down.

Now we don’t want to make it sound like it’s too much effort, because that’s not the case. We like people to be aware that there is a lot more to being a DJ than to just plug in and play. In the end it’s up to everyone individually to choose whether to use a Professional or a cheap DJ. But if we may advise you, choose wisely and consider what you would like to achieve at your party. If you like professionalism, reliability, service and good quality choose the pro!

In other words if you want to have a great party and not have to worry, choose the professional DJ. If you are willing to take the risk of embarrassment at your party from substandard entertainment book the amateur for less money. What we suggest is that you ask to see genuine feedback from previous customers and base your decision bearing that in mind.