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10 tips to find the best DJ for you Wedding, Party, Corporate Event or Christmas Party.

DJ Hire Tips

Because you want your party to be a huge success, it is important to know what to look for. We have listed a few DJ Hire tips to help you making the right choice.

10 DJ Hire Tips – Top 5

DJ Hire Tips put together by Platinum DJs in Kent. 1. Use personal experience or seek for good recommendations from trusted sources.

2. Make use of the internet. Look for DJ companies with experience, recommendations and testimonials. Disco companies’ websites often contain videos, so you can see what the Disco will look like.

3. Don’t always go for the cheapest option, you might get let down. When choosing a DJ go for skills, styles, quality, knowledge and experience. You want your Disco to look stunning and your DJ to be skilled. Your event is too important to just select on cheap price.

4. Look for a DJ Company with a large DJ roster. They will always have the right DJ to suit your party or event.

5. Make sure the DJ will be using top quality equipment and lighting. Sound and lighting is the most important factor for making your party a success.


6. Use a company that offers back up DJs. If the DJ is ill or can’t get to the event, make sure the company you hire has a high quality replacement who can get to you in a short time of space.

7. Make sure the DJ has a wide variety of music and good knowledge of the music they have.

8. Book in plenty of time. The best DJs get booked up months, sometimes years in advance.

9. Ask the DJ company for their ideas. They are entertainment specialists, ask if they have any suggestions for your event. A professional DJ company may have suggestions that could enhance your initial ideas and create unique, memorable and personal touches that will provide maximum enjoyment for your guests.

10. 100% playlists don’t tend to work as the DJ has to keep referring to the list rather than concentrate on the mood on the dance floor. After all the DJ’s experience and their ability to mix the right tune at the right time is one of the things you are paying for.

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Blog – The Professional DJ

The Professional DJ – What do you get for your money?

When you throw a party there is normally a fair amount of time and money involved in planning. If  your entertainment is disappointing the whole event is ruined, no matter how good the other services are. So it is vital that your DJ reads the crowd, builds a fantastic atmosphere and keeps your guests on the dance floor for as long as possible.

To do this they will need:

The Professional DJ has a huge variety of music in his collection. 1. A huge music collection to appeal to all age groups. This takes thousands of hours and money to collect. Over the years the Professional DJ collects 10’s of thousands of tracks, all bought to expand his music collection so he can serve all customers as well as possible. The Professional is prepared, makes sure to have all your favourite tracks, discusses your wishes and makes it happen on the night.

2. Plenty of experience to make sure you enjoy the night to the max. With lots of people of various ages attending your party it’s not the easiest job to keep everyone happy. Reading the crowd and dropping the right tunes at the right time to make the crowd go crazy takes a lot of experience.  Good experience amounts over thousands of hours performing at a variety of Parties, Events and Clubs.  This all takes time and as we say; time is money.


Equipment, that’s the next interesting point. A Professional DJ doesn’t want to work with cheap, distorting sound systems and awful looking lighting. He loves his music and wants it to sound and look as good as possible. Buying a quality sound system and maintaining it costs far more than the cheaper versions, but the results are well worth it. If you played the two systems next to each other it would make you laugh.

Yet another point where the professional divides from the cheap DJ. Every time the pro performs he wants it to sound great, look amazing and have people dancing to his tunes all night.

“Park a mile from the venue, come in through the backdoor, take the first door left, up 4 stairs, first door right to the end of the corridor and you will find the room.”

Setting up

People often say to us; We only want the DJ to play for 4 hours, but there’s lots more involved in being a mobile DJ than you would initially think. Many hours before the party starts the mobile DJ has already arrived to set up his equipment. What many people don’t realise is that even nowadays many venues don’t have lifts. The DJ has to climb many stairs up and down with heavy speakers, lighting, flight cases and boxes of wires.

Hotels don’t let you load and unload through the main entrance and quite often lead you through a maze of backdoors to reach the right room to perform in. After setting up and playing his 4 hour set, the moving equipment process has to be repeated and by the time everyone’s in bed, the DJ is still packing down.

Now we don’t want to make it sound like it’s too much effort, because that’s not the case. We like people to be aware that there is a lot more to being a DJ than to just plug in and play. In the end it’s up to everyone individually to choose whether to use a Professional or a cheap DJ. But if we may advise you, choose wisely and consider what you would like to achieve at your party. If you like professionalism, reliability, service and good quality choose the pro!

In other words if you want to have a great party and not have to worry, choose the professional DJ. If you are willing to take the risk of embarrassment at your party from substandard entertainment book the amateur for less money. What we suggest is that you ask to see genuine feedback from previous customers and base your decision bearing that in mind.


Blog Cheap DJ vs Professional part 1

ProPlatinum_logo_spin_embossed143fessional DJ vs Low Budget

Part 1 – DJ Blog

Welcome to Platinum’s first DJ blog! Leave your comments, discuss with us, send us your ideas and experiences or ask any questions.

Nowadays lots of people seem to be tempted to get the majority of their needs off the internet. It’s easy, price competitive and you don’t have to talk to the seller on the other end of the phone anymore. It saves time, money and a lot of hassle. But does it really?


In the case of booking a DJ we experience that the majority of the people don’t really want to talk on the phone anymore. All they want is a quick price, as cheap as possible, offering the most complete package. Lots of our enquiries won’t go ahead simply because they get a cheaper offer elsewhere. And isn’t it so easy to just sit behind your computer anonymously reading through some offers and pick the cheapest? No talking, no negotiating, just click and book; done! ThePrice pictures look good so what can go wrong?

What the majority of people fail to realise is being at risk of having a party with very poor or even worse, no entertainment. It will ruin their celebration and be highly embarrassing. People book the cheap DJ feeling great about saving some money, thinking they have bought a bargain. Unfortunately in reality this often leads to many many problems.

Platinum's first ever DJ blog - Cheap vs ProBack-Up

We have had many phone calls from brides and grooms in absolute panic. Their cheap DJ cancelled, a day before their Wedding! They have lost their money, the stress factor is enormous a day before their big day and where are you going to get a good DJ 24 hours in advance if you don’t know where to go? Think about the playlist, what about the first dance, speeches your guests want to make, announcements. There is so much to think about you really don’t want to deal with just 24 hours in advance. Luckily we have always been able to help and send a Professional DJ to “save” the Wedding. As professionals it is our job to solve problems, deal with difficult situations and do the very best job.

We can’t seem to figure out why lots of people spend more money on their Wedding cake over professional and experienced entertainers. For the price of a good cake, you can have a brilliant Wedding DJ and mobile discotheque! A cake gets eaten when everyone is drunk and disappears in the toilet…..



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